Great Moments in Father-Son History

Abraham and Isaac


Isaac: Hey Dad, remember the time you were going to kill me to prove your faith in The Lord our God, and He stopped you by, like, doing that Star-Trek teleporting thing and gave you a ram to sacrifice at the last minute?

Abraham: Yes, son, I do. That was a blessed moment in the history of our people, wasn't it? His love and mercy is surely beyond measure. 

Isaac: Well, sure, He's great and everything... But Dad, I've been wondering: So, The Lord our God, who, like, knows everything we're thinking, right? well, He wouldn't have been so kind and merciful and generous and all that if He knew you weren't really serious about killing me, huh? 

Abraham: Go play outside. I got work to do. I'm not going to live to 176, you know. 

Copyright 2013 Paul J. Rasmussen