Over-Rethinking Perfume

And you thought it was just a smokin' hot scent...


The intellectual vitality of Western Civilization depends upon the courage of individuals willing to stand up and challenge the popular moral, political and social assumptions of their era. …

Outsider's Guide to Disney World

Some observations that you might find useful on your next trip to Disney World:

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1) In the Biergarten in Epcot's Germany, go ahead, let caution into the wind and dance a polka with your 5 year old. Trust me, the German kid in Lederhosen who brought you your Öskar Mäyer and sauerkraut is in no position to laugh. 

The Mouse and the Lark


I had lived in fear of Disney since I became a parent. But grandmothers have a way of making offers you can't refuse. It turns out I had a great time. 

I went expecting the worst: crowds, noise, debilitating Florida humidity and continual skirmishes against the evil forces unleashed when an over-stimulated, under-fed child is told the wait for Splash Mountain is about an hour. …

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